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Cheap Meals Your Family Will Love #budgetmeals

Cheap Meals Your Family Will Love

One area of our budget that I have always struggled with has been groceries. I’m really likely to overspend in this category if I’m not careful. Meal planning has been a really useful tool…

Piggy Bank for saving money for your emergency fund #debtfree #personalfinance

Why You Need An Emergency Fund

One of the best pieces of advice we received before we started our debt free journey was to build an emergency fund. When we first committed to paying down our debt, we were overwhelmed…

Master list of budget categories | Laptop, and calculator

Master List of Personal Budget Categories

When we first started using budgets we failed. The main reason? We were missing important budget categories, and we often had additional expenses we hadn’t planned for. Not only did this mess up our allocations, it…

How to do a no spend challenge

How To Do A No Spend Challenge

Are you ready to save money and make some serious headway to reach your financial goals? Then a no spend challenge may be just what you need. What Is A No Spend Challenge? A…