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Toy Easter Bunny holding Easter Egg

The Best Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter morning is an exciting time with egg hunting, Easter baskets and more. There is no need to add to the excitement (read: craziness) with too much candy and cheap knick-knack toys in your…

Family sitting in woods

Letter Board Quotes About Family

My sister gave me a letter board for Christmas (#bestsisterever) and I was beyond excited to get started using it! The funny thing is as soon as I sat down to put some cute…

indoor activities for kids

20 Indoor Activities for Kids

Finding indoor activities for the kids to keep busy on days that are too cold or wet to go outside can sometimes be challenging, especially if it’s a long stretch of cold and wet…

How to teach your child to meditate

Teaching Kids Meditation and Mindfulness

I recently shared a piece over at Imperfectly Perfect Mama about the benefits of teaching children meditation and mindfulness. When I was little, my parents taught me how to meditate, though I didn’t really…

why your kids need to do chores | how to get your kids to do chores with less battles

How To Get Your Kids to Do Chores

Chores teach children respect and responsibility. They are an important part of raising children that are doers and that will become successful adults. But getting kids to do chores and building consistent chore routines…