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Week 10 – Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

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It’s the last week of school!

I actually can’t believe with all the madness going on at the end of the school year that I even had the time to make a meal plan and get to the grocery store. Between end of the year activities at school, recitals and last minute summer planning it’s been a crazy week.

This week I pulled out a few meal planning tricks to help us stick to our meal plan. That includes making a double batch of chili and breaking out the instant pot to cook a whole chicken quickly.

Grocery Haul and Meal Plan Week 10

Grocery Haul

I used my ibotta app this week and was able to earn $2.25 on my shopping at Aldi.

(Use this link to sign up for Ibotta and get a $20 Welcome Bonus!)

I’m also happy to report that I’m a few dollars under budget! My weekly grocery budget is $125 for our family of four. We eat most meals at home and pack lunches for school and work.

Here’s what I bought this week.


Week 10 Aldi Grocery Haul

Canned Tuna-$1.15

Frozen Corn – $0.79

Frozen Green Beans – $1.59

Olive Oil Spray – $1.49

2.2 lb Bananas – $0.97

Organic Granola Bars – $2.39

2 x Cream Cheese – $1.29 x 2

Organic Vanilla Yogurt – $2.89

Deli Sliced Cheese – $1.99

Deli Sliced Ham – $2.49

Colby Jack Block Cheese – $1.99

Roma Tomatoes – $1.29

Organic Peanut Butter – $3.39

2 Gallons Milk – $2.35 x 2

Refried Beans – $0.85

3 x Organic Pinto Beans (canned) –  $0.89 x 3

Organic Bagels – $2.99

Deli Cheese Pizza – $4.99

Total (With Tax)- $44.71


Week 10 Sprouts Grocery Haul

2 lb Strawberries – $3.00

Broccoli Crows – $1.34

Cucumber – $0.50

Zucchini – $0.66

Lemon – $0.50

2 lb Mandarin – $2.98

Organic Apples – $2.98

Organic Romaine – $2.50

2 Red Bell Peppers – $2.50

2 Mangoes – $1.00

Red Grapes – $1.62

Chocolate Chip Cookies – $1.67

Organic Honey – $5.99

Secret Stash Cheese Puffs – $1.99

Veggie Straws – $2.29

Organic Quick Oats (bulk) – $1.10

Organic Chicken Breast – $8.47

Organic Chicken Breast – $7.75

Organic Whole Chicken – $8.91

2 x Wheat Bread – $2.29 x 2

2 x 1 pint ice cream – $0.99 x 2

Organic Frozen Waffles – $2.70

Total (with tax) – $74.72

Weekly Total – $119.43

Weekly Meal Plan

Keep in mind that my meal plan already includes foods I have on hand. This week that includes macaroni and cheese, ground turkey, rice, orzo along with all the seasoning, spices and soy sauce. We also had dinner at a birthday party one night.


Pizza and Salad

Grilled Chicken, rice and salad

Garlic Honey Soy Chicken, rice and broccoli

Turkey Chili (I made a double batch for 2 nights)

Instant Pot Whole Chicken, orzo and peas

Lunch (all served with fruit)

Ham and Cheese/PB and Honey Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Sandwiches (from leftover instant pot chicken)

Macaroni and Cheese

Breakfast (all served with fruit)





Veggie Straws/Cheese Puffs



Granola Bars

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