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week 13 – $117 Grocery Haul And Weekly Meal Plan

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My weekly grocery budget is $125 for our family of four. We eat breakfast and dinner at home and I pack lunches for my husband and the kids on the days they are at work/camp.

I’ve been trying to keep it under the $125 and am practicing with different meals and shopping routines to see how I can maximize my savings.

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I also use the Ibotta App to earn money back on my grocery shopping. Some weeks it’s $.50 other weeks I’m able to earn $5.00 or more. I don’t calculate this into my spending, since I don’t see the money right away. But when I get a pay out, I use the earned funds towards groceries or other household products like paper towels and laundry detergent.


Baking/Pancake Mix – $2.49

Organic Chicken Broth – $1.89

Long Grain Rice – $1.99

Chili Seasoning – $0.49

Frozen Broccoli Florets – $0.95

Organic Applesauce – $1.95

2 x Gallon Milk – 2 x $3.09

Deli Ham – $2.49

Dozen Eggs – $0.78

Bagels – $1.99

Olive Oil Spray – $1.49

Bananas – $0.40

Romaine Lettuce – $2.19

Cucumber – $0.59

Organic Apples – $4.99

2 x Cream Cheese – 2 x $1.29

String Cheese – $2.79

2 x Deli Sliced Cheese – 2 x $1.99

Maple Syrup – $6.89

Colby Jack Block – $1.99

Seedless Watermelon – $2.99

Cantaloupe – $1.29

Taxes $5.28

Total: 58.65


Grape Tomatoes – $0.98

Green Grapes – $1.70

Zucchini – $1.01

Pint of blueberries – $1.67

Red Cherries – $4.12

Sprouts Chocolate Sandwich Cookies $1.99

Organic Golden Round Crackers- $2.99

Organic Toasted O’s – $2.99

Organic Chicken Breast – $8.71

Organic Chicken Breast – $8.87

Organic Whole Chicken – $11.24

2 x Whole Wheat Bread – 2 x $2.29

Organic Multigrain Waffles – $2.79

Spinach Ravioli – $4.99

Tax: $6.38

Total: $58.63

Weekly Total – $117.28

Weekly Meal Plan

As always, I try to use what I have in my pantry, so some of the items on this meal plan may not be on my grocery list because I already had them on hand. This includes the Ground Turkey and Vodka Sauce I served with spaghetti. I made the sauce last week and we ended up not eating it all and it was actually enough for a second dinner. So I popped it in my freezer and used it as a quick dinner for one of our busy nights.

I always serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh fruit on the side.


Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken, Rice and Green Beans

Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Salad

Sheet Pan Fajitas with Tortillas

Ravioli, Sauteed Zucchini and Salad

Spaghetti, Ground Turkey and Vodka Sauce and Green Beans


Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Sandwhiches

Ham and Cheese Sandwhiches

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches






Crackers with Cheese

Homemade Apple Cinnamon Muffins


String Cheese


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