Grocery Haul and Weekly Meal Plan – Week 6

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Last year my husband and I went vegan for a couple of months, mostly for health reasons. The results were awesome but it was a bit difficult to maintain, especially since the kids weren’t eating vegan (this is a story for another day).

The point of my story is that lately my husband and I have been talking about reducing how much meat and dairy we eat. I’m slowly incorporating more meatless meals into our meal plan. You’ll notice a couple of meatless meals this week. 

Check out our grocery haul and meal plan for our family of four. This is exactly what we buy and what we eat for the week.

If you haven’t been following my weekly grocery haul series, here is a quick recap. We are a family of four – 2 adults and 2 kids (ages 8 and 5). Our grocery budget is $125/week. We eat breakfast and dinner at home and everyone gets a lunch to school or work.

I try to eat organic as much as possible but I don’t break the bank trying to make it work.

I also earned some cash through Ibotta this week. I don’t calculate this in my weekly spending, but find out how I earn money on my grocery shopping.

If you’re looking for tips and inspiration for making a healthy meal plan, you should check out this Healthy Meal Planning Bundle – It includes tons of recipes, ready to use meal plans with shopping lists and prep notes and a whole bunch more. You can download some sample meal plans from the bundle for FREE here.

Grocery Haul


grocery haul and meal plan for a family of four | grocery shopping on a budget | sprouts grocery haul

2lb package Strawberries – $3.98

Broccoli Crowns .97lb @ $1.69/lb – $1.64

Cantaloupe Melons 2 @ 2 for $4.00 – $4.00

Gala Apples 3.15lb @ $0.88/lb – $2.77

Green Seedless Grapes – 1.90lb @ $0.88/lb – $1.67

Navel Oranges – 2.77 lb @ $0.98/lb – $2.71

Organic Romaine Hearts – $2.99

Bananas – 3.05lb @ $0.59/lb – $1.80

7 Grain Flax Pancake Mix – $3.89

Cheddar Crackers – $2.50

Annie’ Macaroni and Cheese – $1.99

Potato Chips – $1.67

Spreadable Butter – $3.50

Organic Quick Oats 0.73lb @ $1.49/lb – $1.09

Chicken Tenders – $4.53

Chicken Thighs – $3.86

Organic Chicken Breasts – $9.37

Bagels – $3.99

Hawaiian Bread – $3.99

Wheat Bread – $2.29

Organic Cheese Ravioli – $6.99

Organic Waffles – $2.79

Total (with tax) – $80.61



grocery haul and meal plan on a budget | grocery haul and meal plan for a family of four | aldi grocery haul

Greek  Yogurt – $3.49

2 x Cream Cheese – 2 x $0.99

Sliced Cheese- $1.99

Organic Hummus – $2.29

Coffee – $2.89

String Cheese – $2.79

Pasta Sauce – $2.89

2 Gallons of Milk – 2 x $2.39

Dozen eggs – $0.48

Colby Jack cheese – $1.99

2 x Organic Cheese Puffs – 2 x $1.89

Sweet Potato Chips – $1.89

Organic Granola Bars – $2.39

Total (with tax) – $36.84

Meal Plan

I always like to share the items I already have in my pantry. When I’m working on my meal plan, I try to incorporate as much from our pantry and freezer as possible. This week, the items I had were rice, beans, semolina flour, peppers, mushrooms, potatoes, frozen vegetables, lunch meat, peanut butter, honey, and syrup.


Homemade Spaghetti with peppers, mushrooms and sauce with salad

Rice and Beans with salad

Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders with mashed potatoes and broccoli

Grilled Chicken, Rice, Salad and beans

Chicken Soup with Hawaiian Bread Toast


Breakfast for dinner



Ham and cheese sandwiches

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches


Green Salad with chickpeas

French Toast Sticks





Hard Boiled Eggs and Toast


Check out the full Grocery Haul and Weekly Meal Plan Series to see how I’ve been doing with my grocery budget and find more meal plans.

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    1. I’m so glad Aldi is one of your choices and it works for you! When we first moved there were no Aldis and I totally missed shopping there. But about 2 years ago they built 2 near us and I am so happy to have it back!

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