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How To Practice Gratitude So You Can Live Your Best Life

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” -Lao Tzu How often have you heard about the importance of practicing gratitude? From Rachel Hollis to Tony Robbins to Oprah the word on the street is that gratitude is a key factor to a fulfilled and successful life. Which got meContinue Reading “How To Practice Gratitude So You Can Live Your Best Life”

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The 2018 Christmas Planner

Once Halloween is over I feel like it’s time to hit the ground running and start getting organized for Christmas. It’s time to finalize the Christmas budget and start making my list and checking it twice! To be honest, I’m planning for Christmas all year round. I make sure each pay period we put someContinue Reading “The 2018 Christmas Planner”


How to Have a Festive and Frugal Christmas This Year

While the holidays are a time for enjoying our families and reflecting on what we are grateful for, they are also one of the most financially stressing times of the year. Most of us have suffered from the debt hangover after the holidays. You know, that awful feeling we have once the credit card statementContinue Reading “How to Have a Festive and Frugal Christmas This Year”


Teaching Kids Meditation and Mindfulness

I recently shared a piece over at Imperfectly Perfect Mama about the benefits of teaching children meditation and mindfulness. When I was little, my parents taught me how to meditate, though I didn’t really know I was meditating at the time. As an adult, I’ve incorporated those techniques into my daily life. These techniques haveContinue Reading “Teaching Kids Meditation and Mindfulness”